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Welcome to the Hebridean Brewing Company Website. We are very proud of our real ales which have won several CAMRA prizes. We hope you will enjoy our site and our ales.

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Berserker Export Pale Ale 7.4% abv

Brewed using traditional methods and based on 19th century recipes. Then matured over a number of weeks to develop a smooth intricate flavour. Brewed combining a robust bitterness blended with a sweet smooth malty aftertaste and a hoppy aroma.

Camra Supreme Champion Winter Beer of Scotland 2006
SIBA Beer of Scotland, silver medal, 2007 strong ales catagory

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£37.36 (€56.08) (12 x 500ml)

Celtic Black ale 3.9% abv

Hebridean Brewing Company Celtic Black Ale.

Siba Beer of Scotland, Bronze2004, Milds Category Runner up North Hertfordshire Camra Beer of Festival 2004

A dark porter style ale full of flavour, balancing an aromatic hop combined with a subtle bite and a pleasantly smooth caramel aftertaste.

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£35.04 (€52.59) (12 x 500ml)

Clansman ale 3.9% abv

Hebridean Brewing Company Clansman Golden Hebridean bitter.

Beer of Festival, Aberdeen, Grampian and Northern Isles Carma festival 2004

Golden Hebridean bitter, brewed with Scottish malts. Lightly bittered, a session beer with a light golden colour. Good all day beer, plenty of hop and malt character, with lots of malt in the finish.

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£34.68 (€52.05) (12 x 500ml)

Islander strong premium ale 4.8% abv

Hebridean Brewing Company Islander Strong Premium Ale

SIBA beer of Scotland, Bronze 2002, Silver 2003, Premium Ale Winner Beer of Festival Marymass Beer Festival 2006

brewed with special malts, deep ruby in colour and predominantly malty with robust hopping to match.
Complex like the Outer Hebrides themselves.

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£35.52 (€53.31) (12 x 500ml)

Seaforth ale 4.2% abv

A classic blonde ale, golden honey in colour, a well balanced hoppy ale mixing a subtle bitterness with a refreshing citrus finish.

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£34.20 (€51.33) (12 x 500ml)

Moo Coo Brew 4.4% abv

Moo Coo Brew
A Mid range hoppy bitter, combining loads of aroma with a bite to match and a crisp clean citrus finish.

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£40.00 (€60.04) (12 x 500ml)

Mixed Case

A mixed case of our finest ales - 3 Islander + 3 Clansman + 3 Seaforth

1000 in stock

£35.40 (€53.13) (12 x 500ml)